Linda Hurley keeps singing self-written songs at charity events

We’ve noted that Linda Hurley, wife of Australian Governor-General David Hurley, was capable of remarkable things through song. Alas, we may have found a situation beyond her powers.

Linda Hurley
Linda Hurley sings at an event celebrating National Palliative Care Week (Image: Twitter/@jsam_1967)

Late last year, Crikey chronicled the greatest hits of one Linda Hurley, wife of Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley. Her excellency, it turned out, appears constitutionally incapable of attending any event without writing a song for the organisation and performing it.

We noted that in the course of performing these songs, such as the one she delivered at the Invasive Species Solutions Trust, she was capable of things that many other artists simply couldn’t contemplate:

Joni Mitchell might have said ‘I cannot work the concepts of a ‘Centre for Invasive Species Solutions’ and ‘philanthropic opportunities’ elegantly into a verse, let alone those exact words’. Kendrick Lamar would have looked at a couplet like ‘Philanthropic and corporate partners are invited to join / folks, environmentalists, primary producers, help them win’ and said ‘You cannot expect me to get that many syllables into a single bar.’

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