Scott Morrison is taking a stand in Parliament. Sometimes

The former prime minister has stood up and spoken up for the third time since he lost the top job. First for the queen, second for a censure motion, and now over the Voice.

Scott Morrison (Image: ABC)
Scott Morrison (Image: ABC)

In his post-PM, current backbench capacity, Scott Morrison has kept a low profile in Parliament, finding cause to stand up and address the chamber a sum total of three times.

Duty first called when Queen Elizabeth II died, and next during a post-mortem of his job(s) as prime minister. Now Morrison has rolled out the speechwriters and fired up the printer to declare his opposition to an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.  

Drawing on many previously debunked No case talking points, Morrison yesterday declared the architecture of a constitutionally enshrined Voice to be “ill-defined”, unnecessary, divisive, beyond the jurisdiction of sporting codes, risk-ridden for government and the executive, and business as usual for Indigenous peoples.

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