Number of passengers served by Georgia’s airports soars

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 25. Georgia’s airports
served more than one million passengers in the first quarter of
2023, which is 49.9 percent more than in the reporting period of
2022, Trend

The data of the National Statistics Service of Georgia (Sakstat)
shows that the country’s airports received 511,000 passengers from
January through March, which is 48 percent more year-on-year, and
about 537,300 people took off from airports which 51.8 percent more
than in the same period of 2022.

In addition, the volume of cargo traffic at the country’s
airports amounted to 4,100 tons. Of these, 85.4 percent are
received goods, and 14.6 percent are sent ones.

Some 300 cargo flights, in the first quarter of this year, were
carried out at Georgian airports, which is 25 percent less than

As for the number of passenger flights carried out from the
airports of the country, in the specified period, it amounted to
4,800, which is 37.1 percent more than in the corresponding period
of the previous year.

According to statistics, 42,200 passengers were transported by
the country’s air transport, and volume of passenger turnover
reached 102.9 million passenger-kilometers.

During the specified period, the number of passengers
transported is 53.5 percent higher than the corresponding figures
of the preceding year, while the volume of passenger turnover
increased by 65.4 percent.

Moreover, according to Sakstat, 111,600 tons of cargo were
transported by air in Georgia, while the volume of cargo turnover
totaled 208.3 million tons-kilometers.

At the same time, compared to the same data last year, the
volume of transported goods and the volume of cargo turnover
decreased by 36.2 percent.

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