8 Fun Things To Do In Sydney

Sydney is a city of fun adventure activities if you like the outdoors and adventurous things, Sydney and its surroundings offer exciting experiences for all fitness levels. From a jet boat experience, a scenic flight, skydiving, a top-tree adventure, canoeing or abseiling. Sydney combines a great location with good weather throughout the year, offering the perfect environment for various outdoor activities. Here is our picks for fun adventure things to do in and around Sydney.

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8 Fun Adventure Things To Do In Sydney To Enjoy the Outdoors

Depending on the type of adventure and your fitness level, you can have many activities in Sydney. From fundamental ones, with no skills required nor extreme adventures that need training and some experience. Here is our list of adventures and fun experiences to have in Sydney that you can do at any time.

1. Jet Boating in Sydney – A great adventure

Sydney is known for its beautiful surf beaches, spectacular Harbour and coastal settings, making it ideal for a wide range of water activities. From surfing and wind-surfing, jet boating, and jet skiing to white-rafting, kayaking, stand-up paddle boards and many more.

If you are keen to have a fun adventure in the outdoors and love speed and the adrenaline rush but don’t fancy the extreme challenge, Jet Boating in Darling Harbour will be one thing for you. It’s a great way to experience the Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour attractions on a jet boat ride while enjoying the thrill of impressive spins and twists.

Check this Sydney Harbour Jet Boat Ride

2. The TreeTop Adventure Park in Sydney – Get active in the Forest

If you are a nature lover and like to get active in Sydney’s great outdoors, then the TreeTop Adventure Park in Sydney should be on your bucket list of fun things to do around the city.

This adventure park in western Sydney includes enjoyable tree-top climbing, 15-meter-high flying foxes, and Australia’s longest zip line (360 mt). You are walking on suspension bridges from tree to tree and more fun eco-activities in the forest.

3. Sydney indoor skydiving – An indoor flying adventure

Indoor flying is a new adventure concept and the ultimate Sydney indoor flight experience for those who love the thrill of flying but are afraid of skydiving.

How does indoor skydiving work? The flight occurs in a large vertical glass-wind tunnel where turbine fans generate wind speeds of about 250km/h. You will experience acrobatic twists and spins in all directions as if you were flying. It simulates the free-fall you experience during an actual 14,000 ft outdoor skydive.

The benefits of indoor skydiving.

First, you don’t have to train for months, and you don’t need any skills to try the thrill of indoor skydiving. It’s one of Sydney’s safest and most adventurous activities. It’s something for everyone, from adults, families and kids alike. And also is an excellent chance for those afraid of heights to get familiar with outdoor skydiving before seriously considering jumping out of the plane.

4. Visit Taronga Zoo – A unique Sydney Wildlife Experience

If you are a wildlife lover, then  Taronga Zoo is one place to see in Sydney. This is the most impressive Zoo in Australia for its exclusive location, situated on top of a hill overlooking the Sydney Harbour. Here sightseeing and wildlife encounters are perfectly combined.

Don’t miss out on the special birds-of-prey shows and various animal feeding offered during the day while enjoying stunning views of the Harbour. You can also add a treetop adventure, walking on rope lining and suspension bridges.

And if you want something entertaining, try the Taronga Zoo behind the scenes, the roar and snore adventure: Stay overnight in purpose-built tents and awake to the growls and roars of the animals. For more info, check out all the Taronga Zoo Adventures.

5. Visit Cockatoo Island – Sydney’s World Heritage Site

Only a short ferry ride from the city, Sydney Cockatoo Island, lies in Sydney Harbour. First-time travellers mostly underrate it. Not many people know that this is the largest island in Sydney Harbour and a World-Heritage-listed site in Australia.

Visiting the island is free. You can either explore it on a self-guided tour or, if you prefer, go on a guided tour to explore the island’s rich maritime and convict history.

You can also stay overnight on Cockatoo Island for a “Glamping Adventure” at the spectacular campsite at the Harbour’s edge.

6. Sydney Whale-Watching – See Humpback Whales up close

It’s hard to believe, but Sydney is a magnificent spot for seeing humpback whales. You don’t need to travel long distances; you can have this unique wildlife encounter in Sydney’s surroundings.

This is a seasonal outdoor activity, though. Between June and September is the time to go on a whale watching tour, when the annual Humpback migration occurs along Australia’s Eastern Coast.

Check this Whale-Watching Tour in Sydney

7. Explore Sydney’s Royal National Park – Marley Walking Tour

Royal National Park is Sydney national park, only half an hour’s train ride from the city. It’s the oldest national park in Australia and one of Sydney’s best natural places. It offers unique coastal trails and limestone rock formations.

Among the different walking trails, I would recommend the Marley Walking Tour, which takes you through the spectacular landscape to see some iconic indigenous and natural landmarks like the white cliffs, also known by the locals as the “wedding cake”.

8. Scenic Flight over Sydney – Experience Sydney from the air

Lastly, why not experience Sydney city from the sky and take a scenic flight over Sydney Harbour? I did this a few years ago, and it was a memorable flight that I still remember as if it were yesterday. The view of Sydney Harbour and Sydney’s coastline from the air is magnificent. This a fun thing to do to add to your bucket list when exploring Sydney Solo.

A view of the rugged coastline near Bondi Sydney Harbour

Check this Sydney Harbour Private Helicopter Flight

More things to do in and around Sydney

This is our list of unique, fun things to do in Sydney to help you map your own Sydney adventures. You can start from the pages below to organise your visit to Sydney. Want to enjoy the outdoors in and around the city? You can take short day trips from Sydney by public transport.

If you want to join a guided tour:

Check out this link to book Sydney tours and day trips

Where to Stay in Sydney

Sydney is a great place for those who are looking for adventurous and unique activities. From jet boating to indoor skydiving, there’s always something fun for you. If you are looking for accommodation in Sydney,

Check out our guide to the best Sydney’s areas and inner suburbs.

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