Best Camping Fridge Australia 2023

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If you don’t want to do without the luxury of a fridge while travelling Australia, a camping fridge is what you need. There is usually limited space in a camping tent or camper trailer, so choosing the best camping fridge Australia is a must.

These mini refrigerators for camping do not differ that much from the large versions and offer enough space to meet your daily needs for food and beverages. Gone are the days of having to load the esky with ice and having food and drinks floating in water as the ice melts. Now with a portable camping fridge you can be confident your perishables and drinks will stay cool.

A camping fridge is a game changer and offers many possible uses. It is often used when camping, at a festival, in any family gathering by the beach, or in the great outdoors.

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Best Camping Fridge Australia

Comparison chart of the Best Camping Fridge Australia 2023

Whether you’re looking for the best small camping fridge or the best large camping fridge freezer we have camping fridge Australia reviews of many of the best quality camping fridge freezers for 2023.

So, what is the best portable fridge freezer to buy? The best fridge for camping is one that suits your camping style. Our camping fridge review below has a snapshot of the 10 best camping fridges in Australia along with the main features they provide. Below in the article is detailed reviews of each one.

Best camping fridge 2023 reviews

Here is a list of the 10 best camping fridges we review – check each model of the camp fridge reviewed below in the article for the detailed specifications.

  • Dometic CFX3 45 Portable Fridge/Freezer 46L
  • Dometic CFX3 55IM Fridge/Freezer with Ice Maker 53L
  • Dometic CFX3 95DZ Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer 94L
  • Dometic CFX3 35 Portable Fridge/Freezer 36L
  • Engel MT-V80F 80L Fridge Freezer
  • Engel MT-V60F 60L Fridge Freezer
  • Engel MT-V45FC 40L Combi Fridge Freezer
  • myCOOLMAN CCP96DZ Dual Zone Portable Fridge/Freezer 96L
  • Bushman Fridges 35-52L Portable Fridge Freezer
  • Dometic Waeco CF-18 Fridge Freezer

What is the benefit of a camping fridge?

Camping is becoming increasingly popular among Australians. It stands for independence, freedom, and flexibility. Whether by the sea, or in the outback, campers can go anywhere because these days virtually everything a home has to offer is available – cooking equipment, bedding of various styles and even bathroom options. A portable fridge freezer is for many standard equipment, especially in the summer holidays.

When camping in Australia you need the best camping fridge

A camping fridge freezer is basically a mini fridge that cools food and drinks for everyday use. They have a smaller volume than the normal refrigerator but are also space-saving and mobile so that they can also be taken anywhere. Quickly set up at the barbecue or taken to a festival on the weekend, meat and beer are sufficiently cooled. Self-sufficiency is assured for a few days.

Camping fridge internal storage space

A top quality camping fridge obviously has less capacity for storing drinks and food than in the home fridge. However, when camping in Australia with our extreme weather conditions you don’t want to do without cold drinks or the ability to keep meat and dairy cooled at a safe temperature.

Therefore, portable fridges come in a range of sizes and some even have a small freezer compartment integrated. The storage space although limited in a camping fridge, usually offers enough space to cool the most important products for everyday use and is much better than having to keep an esky stocked with ice.

Best way to power a camping fridge

One of the most important things when looking for the best camping fridge is the power supply. Most manufacturers of the best camp fridges offer a 12-volt charging cable so that the camping fridge can also be used in the vehicle. This means that the device can also be connected to a normal car via the auxiliary power port.  

At the campsite, festival, family gathering, or in your home you can connect the outdoor camping fridge to a normal mains connection. Here the product is operated with a normal 240 power point. There are also some models that can run on gas.

If you are looking for the best way to power a camping fridge an alternative option is to use a battery pack. We use a portable power pack which can run our 12v fridge freezer for up to 2 full days on a full charge. This is ideal for camping or in the car. The battery pack we use can be charged by mains, car 12-volt socket, or solar trickle charge. The benefit of the power pack for us is that we are not draining our car batttery.

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Camping equipment

What are the different types of camping fridge in Australia?

The best camping refrigerator will not only differ in size but also in the cooling technology. There are basically 3 different models:

  • Compressor: A refrigerant is compressed in a closed circuit using a power connection. This creates heat that is given off on the typical black grille of the fridge. The gas relaxes again and releases cold. As you may know from your normal home refrigerator, this type is noisy and requires a power connection. However, it cools very well.
  • Absorber: A mixture of water and ammonia is heated by gas or electricity (12 volts direct current or 230 volts alternating current). The cooling creates evaporative cooling. They are very quiet and can be operated independently of a power connection. However, compared to the compressor, it no longer cools as well, especially at over 30 degrees, and it requires a horizontal footprint.
  • Thermoelectric: electricity cools a box. From an economic point of view, this is the most power-demanding solution, as a lot of electricity is consumed, and the device only cools a little. It is only suitable for long car journeys and is powered by the cigarette lighter. However, it is silent and space-saving.

Benefits of a compact camping fridge

Mini camping fridges are portable. They are equipped with handles for easy carrying. Depending on the model, it is quite possible to connect them to the mains or the auxiliary port of your vehicle. So, you could enjoy a cool drink even on the go during your travels. Some models also offer practical features like reversibility. This allows you to switch from keeping cold to keeping warm.

Low energy consumption

Many portable camping fridges are also equipped with an energy-saving function. With this type of small, compact appliance, it is possible to store food without spending a lot on energy. A difference can be seen on the monthly energy bills with the energy-saving camping fridges.

Pricing of a camping fridge in Australia

Some brands of camping fridge are cheaper than conventional home refrigerators. However, there are high-quality mini fridges, the prices of which can exceed that of standard fridges due in part to their highly functional and beneficial features.

In the vast majority of cases, mini fridges are much more sophisticated and offer more features than conventional models. Some offer interior storage options and compact compartments with a sleek exterior presentation.

Camping Fridge Australia

Freshness of camping fridge contents

Aside from being small and delicate enough to carry, groceries stay fresh anywhere. Whether you’re on a tenting or road trip in Australia, you can keep goods fresh for an entire trip, which makes travelling with young children so much easier. You no longer have to stop by expensive eating places to buy fresh food or cold drinks. Store the food and drink you want to keep cool in the portable fridge and you are ready for a trip that will save you money and time.

Space saving camping fridges

Unlike bulky conventional refrigerators, camping fridges come in space-saving designs that make it easy to place anywhere in your home, car, tent, or boat.

Also, since they do not take up too much space, you can still have enough room to add other types of camping essentials that you need to make that camping experience more enjoyable.

Other properties of top quality camping fridge available in Australia

Some portable fridges are not only used to keep food cold, but they also have heaters to keep food warm. So, if you are on a trip and need hot food the next time you stop, all you have to do is prep the food at home, put it in the mini fridge and the heating option can be used to keep the food warm and tasty for your next stop. 

Camping Fridges

Which camping fridge is right for me?

When choosing the best camping fridge for Australia, you should mainly keep the purpose in mind. 

  • Mainly picnics and short trips:  Do you mostly use the cooling system for picnics, barbecues, or day trips? Is it mainly drinks and meat that are cooled? Then a thermoelectric cool box is suitable. They are relatively cheap and have a connection for the auxiliary power port in the vehicle. When buying, make sure that connection is available.
  • Mainly road trips:  Do you mostly use the cooling system in your car because you often change your location on holiday and drive long distances? Expensive thermoelectric cool boxes are suitable here, as they can keep cool even better thanks to the 12V connection. Alternatively, a compressor device is recommended.
  • Mainly camping: Do you mostly use the cooling on trips lasting several days to the campsite? Then a camping fridge with an absorber or compressor is recommended. A power connection must be available. A fixed power connection with 240v or a vehicle battery with 12v can be used here. A cooling system with compressor technology achieves the best performance.
  • Mainly festivals:  Do you mostly use the cooling at festivals? The decisive factor here is how long you stay there. A thermoelectric cool box is suitable without an overnight stay. In the case of overnight stays, it depends on the place of the overnight stay. Ask yourself how much you want to accommodate and whether you will sleep in the car or a tent. Note that many festivals do not allow large gas bottles.
  • Mainly camping with camper trailer:  Do you mostly use the fridge in the camper trailer? The best camper fridge will have both 12v and 240v connections (often also known as car fridge freezer) so they can be used in the camper trailer and removed if 240v connection is available.

Best camping fridge reviews Australia 2023

Listed below are the best camping fridge freezer Australia reviews.

Camping equipment

Dometic CFX3 45 a popular camping fridge for Australia conditions

The CFX3 45 is our first pick from the reputable and innovative giant, Dometic. This brand new portable refrigerator with impressive refrigeration and freezing capacity, allows your favourite foods and drinks to accompany you wherever you go, wherever you go, in the car, on the boat, on your patio, or on the go. 

Robust design and ExoFrame of the CFX3 the construction is designed for tough outdoor use. Have fun, benefit from efficient refrigeration and freezing while in control thanks to a mobile application that tracks your Dometic CFX3 at your fingertips. Go further, stay longer, live more

Features and Specs of this best 12V fridge for camping:

  • Easy to carry: The ExoFrame construction is sturdy yet lightweight, with edges with protective frames and handles with an aluminum alloy.
  • Powerful cooling: Powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology for efficient cooling and freezing down to –22 ° C
  • Practical CFX3 app: The smartphone app for CFX3 enables temperature control via WLAN or Bluetooth as well as a detailed performance overview.
  • Flexible power supply: 3-stage battery protection system with automatic switch-off to avoid draining the car battery, as well as the option of power consumption through double battery systems.
  • Robust: Active seals ensure excellent sealing, keep the cool air inside and minimize power consumption.
  • External Dimensions: 69.4L x 39.8W x 47.6H cm
  • Internal Dimensions: 50L x 29.5W x 34.5 / 15.5H cm
  • Gross Weight: 18.7 Kg
  • Capacity: Gross 46L
  • Material: Steel | Stainless Steel Polypropylene.
  • Input Power: 12V DC, 8,2A | 24V DC, 3.5A | 100V-240V AC, 0.40A | 50/60 Hz
  • Temperature Range: 10°C to -22°C

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Dometic CFX3 55IM with Ice Maker. A great camping fridge for Australia conditions

The DOMETIC CFX3 55IM cooler is a compressor fridge-freezer with the same features as the DOMETIC CFX3 55, such as the ExoFrame design, the refrigeration technology with VMSO3 compressor, the 3-level dynamic battery protection system, the high-resolution colour display with touch buttons and CFX3 application, to meet all consumer needs.

However, the CFX3 55IM cooler differs from the CFX3 55 model in its storage capacity of 53 litters, its rapid Freeze plate, and its included silicone ice cube trays which serve to produce ice in a few hours. Thanks to its independent fast freezing plate, it allows you to make ice cubes for your drinks.

Features and Specs summary 

  • Powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology efficiently refrigerates and deep-freezes to –22 °C
  • The stylish, high-gloss TFT LCD user interface displays the operating status
  • USB port for charging small electronic devices
  • Energy-efficient LED interior lighting
  • Flexible power options – Powered by AC, DC, and solar
  • CFX3 App allows temperature control via WiFi or Bluetooth and provides performance history
  • Weight: 21.3 Kg
  • Easy to carry by strong aluminium carry handles
  • Integrated Battery protection
  • Rapid Freeze Plate and included silicon ice trays produce ice in a matter of hours
  • Dimensions (External): 72L x 45.5W x 48H cm, (Internal) 54L x 33.5W x 33.5 / 10.5H cm
  • Storage volume: Storage 53L
  • Input Power:12V DC, 8.9A | 24V DC, 3.8A | 100V AC, 1.00A | 240V AC, 0.42A | 50/60 Hz
  • Temperature Range:10°C to -22°C

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Looking for the perfect camping fridge / freezer? Dometic CFX3 95DZ Dual Zone is a popular choice for Australia camping.

If you need a little more cooling and storage capacity for your beverages and food, the CFX3 95DZ is your best choice – thanks to its capacity of 94 litters, which is a major advantage for travel and long-term construction sites.

Its dual-zone storage space with independent temperature control makes refrigerating and freezing at the same time hassle-free. It offers powerful refrigeration with adjustable temperature to suit all needs. It can be controlled from your smartphone via its CFX3 application.

Its robust and lightweight ExoFrame design makes it ideal for outdoor use, ensuring high resistance to the most extreme conditions of use

Features and Specs summary:

  • 94 litter storage capacity
  • 2 separate storage compartments with independent temperature control for refrigerating and freezing
  • Rugged yet lightweight ExoFrame design with protective covered edges and aluminum alloy handles
  • Powerful refrigeration technology with VMSO3 compressor for efficient refrigeration and freezing down to -22 ° C
  • Easy-to-read, high-resolution colour display and touch-sensitive buttons provide seamless control and monitoring of portable refrigerator performance
  • CFX3 smartphone app for temperature control
  • A 3-level dynamic battery protection system
  • Dimensions (External): 96.2L x 53W x 47.2H cm, (Internal): Left 36W x 41.5D
  • Storage volume: Gross 55L & 39L Compartments (94L) | Storage 94L
  • Temperature Range:10°C to -22°C
  • Weight: 29.8 Kg

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Dometic CFX3 35 is just the right size for small families looking for the right camping fridge that will suit conditions in Australia

The DOMETIC CFX3 35 cooler is a compressor fridge-freezer suitable for everyday use thanks to its satisfactory storage capacity of 36 litters to keep a good quantity of food and drinks fresh when on the move.

With its powerful refrigeration technology and variable speed compressor (VMSO3), it gives you the ability to refrigerate and freeze effectively to -22°C. It ensures simple, intuitive, and comfortable use thanks to its LCD user interface and tactile buttons to manage and monitor its performance at any time.

Also, it has a CFX3 application downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store, allowing you to control the temperature and performance history of the device from your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for increased user comfort. 

It also boasts a rugged and lightweight ExoFrame design with protective covered edges and aluminium alloy handles to withstand any test, last longer, and make it transportable anywhere without difficulty. This is perfect if you are looking for that smaller 12V camping fridge.

Classified IP44, the DOMETIC CFX3 35 cooler guarantees better protection against the infiltration of solid and liquid particles, extending its lifespan. Its dynamic battery protection system at 3 levels is a real plus to avoid having the battery of your vehicle discharged

Features and Specs summary:

  • Storage volume: 36 litters
  • Refrigeration technology: VMSO3 compressor
  • Refrigerant type: R134a
  • Input voltage (AC): 100-240 V
  • Input voltage (DC): 12/24 V
  • Average energy (DC): 0.98 Ah / h
  • USB port: 5V, 2A
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Weight: 16.9 kg

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Engel MT-V80F 80L one of the best camping fridge Australia choices

This Engel fridge is best suited for off-road expeditions. In the most extreme conditions, with a temperature higher than normal or transport conditions worthy of rally raid, the ENGEL refrigerator will always rise to the occasion at the time of the need to offer you the convenience and freshness you need. 

The steel case offers added durability, making the MT-V80F a tough and functional tool for any type of vehicle or boat. It’s a perfect option for emergencies, military use, excursions, etc. 

The MT-V80F comes with a massive 80-litter capacity with all the efficiency and reliability you would expect from what many consider to be the best portable camping fridge available in Australia. All Engel refrigerators/freezers use a swivel motor for efficient cooling. The low start-up energy consumption and the overall low power consumption means that Engel refrigerators can be powered even by solar cells.

Features and Specs summary:

  • Capacity (L): 80 L
  • Dimensions Ext. (W x H x D): 79 x 56.1 x 49 cm
  • Dimensions Int. (W x H x D): 51 x 43 x 49 cm
  • Voltage (V): 12V / 24V (cables supplied)
  • Baskets, storage wires, and external handles
  • Consumption 5 Amp in 12v and 2.50 Amp in 24v
  • Thermostatic control from -18 ° C to + 4 ° C
  • Weight: 39 Kg 
  • Material: Powder Coated Steel

Click here for pricing and reviews of the Engel MT-V80F 80L Fridge Freezer

Engel MT-V60F 60L Fridge Freezer

The MT-V60F 60L Portable Fridge/Freezer is the latest and greatest model release from Engel that’s packing some phenomenal new features.

The extended 5 Year Warranty offers peace of mind so you know that you’re MT-V60F has not just been built to perform but also to last long with the stronger handles and reinforced food basket. 

The new Metallic Grey colour offers a sleek update to the classic Engel look you know and love, and the automatic interior light now features an on and off switch to provide you with more control.

Reliability, performance, efficiency, and quality are all features of the Engel design. The Engel MT-V60F 60L Portable Fridge/Freezer features the latest world-renowned Sawafuji swing motor to provide enhanced cooling efficiency. This single zone fridge can be run as either a refrigerator or a freezer with a temperature range that can reach a minimum -18°C.

The MT-V60F has the latest electronics including a built-in battery monitor and digital thermostat control. The thermostat control allows you to effortlessly dial in the temperature you require and the fridge will automatically keep it at that level regardless of surrounding ambient temperature changes. 

Features and Specs summary

  • Grey Metallic finish
  • Large lockable door latch (via small padlock)
  • Reinforced, stronger food basket. 
  • Capacity: 60L
  • Temperature Range: Minimum approximately -18°C
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Energy-efficient motor to keep your energy bills down
  • 3 stage voltage/battery protection
  • Intuitive digital control panel for ease of use
  • Dimensions (External) 89L x 49W x 44.1H cm, (Internal) 51L x 39W x 31H cm

Click here for more reviews and pricing of the Engel MT-V60F 60L Fridge Freezer

Engel MT-V45FC 40L Combi Fridge Freezer

A great classic from Engel, the MT 45F refrigerator-freezer has the characteristics best known from the reputable Engel brand. Quality and reliability are at the centre-stage just like with the other MT35 and MT45 models, 

You will also find the efficiency and reliability of the SAWAFUJI oscillating compressor, an automatic power supply allowing you to operate on 12/24 V DC or 230 V AC. It comes with the temperature control and adjustment between -18ºC and + 10ºC. 

This particular model is identical in size to the MT35F but with 10 cm more height, the capacity goes from 32 litters to 40 litters while remaining compact for high Engel services. For many years, it has been recognized as an essential accessory for getaways lasting several days.

Features and Specs summary

  • Capacity (L) 40L
  • Dimensions ext. (mm): 647x508x364 (without handle)
  • Dimensions int. (mm): 380x370x270
  • Voltage (V): 12/24 / 230V
  • Materials: Enamelled steel panels
  • Colour: Light grey body, dark grey cover
  • Energy class A +
  • Weight (Kg) 24kg
  • Temperature + 10ºC to -18ºC, adjustable
  • Consumption (12v) 32W

Click here for pricing and more reviews of the Engel MT-V45FC 40L Combi Fridge Freezer

myCOOLMAN CCP96DZ Dual Zone Portable Fridge/Freezer

The myCOOLMAN CCP96DZ makes day trips and camping not just better but cooler too, thanks to the stylish and versatile design. This model is powered by the 12/24 volt DC compressor which offers a max of 10 degrees and a min of -22 degrees. The internal compartment is multi-level and features divided storage options with removable sections, for hassle-free organisation.

The CCP96DZ has been designed for virtually all your storage and cooling needs, boasting plenty of vertical space for things like soft drinks, milk, and alcohol. The compact design makes this model versatile on the move despite its relatively larger size, thanks to the tie-down handles and flat carry design. 

Features and Specs summary:

  • The generous storage capacity of up to 96L
  • Dual-zone design
  • Voltage: 240V and DC 12/24V with a battery protection
  • USB port & charger with 30000 mA
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED interior lighting
  • Temperature Range: 10°C to -22°C
  • Weight: 34.9 Kg
  • Flat carry and tie-down handles
  • Dimensions (External): 91.2L x 53.6W x 50H cm, (Internal): Small compartment 35L x 40W x 38.5 / 20.5H cm | Large compartment 35L x 40W x 38.5H cm
  • Steel | Polypropylene | Stainless Steel Components

Click here for more details and pricing of the myCOOLMAN CCP96DZ Dual Zone Portable Fridge/Freezer

Bushman 35-52L Portable Fridge Freezer

Since the release of the first model in 1998, customers have thrown pretty much everything at this fridge, from hail and rain to heat and dust, but it’s still going. This is probably the most versatile fridge if you’re looking for something that will serve Australia’s harshest wild and off-road conditions. 

Bushman man camping fridges have stood the test of time for over 20 years and counting. This is a quite popular model for prolonged camping stints, 4×4 adventures, camper trailer expeditions, long road trips, and more. 

Features and Specs summary:

  • Adjustable volume: 35L, 45L, and 52L
  • Dimensions (External): 69L x 38.5W x 54.5H cm, (Internal) 28L x 39W x 29H cm
  • Weight: 24.5 Kg
  • Storage volume: 52 L
  • Input Power:12/24V DC | 240V AC
  • Temperature Range:10°C to -22°C

Click here for pricing and reviews of the Bushman Fridges 35-52L Portable Fridge Freezer

Dometic Waeco CF-18 Fridge Freezer

Out on a relatively short trip, maybe just you or as a couple? This Waeco CF-18 Fridge is a perfect option for keeping your drinks and food fresh when taking trips to the beach, park, or around town. 

It comes with special electronic components which make it possible to achieve and maintain the desired temperature quickly without wearing them out, ensuring impressive durability. It also has lower power consumption in addition to the three-stage battery protection which prevents your vehicle battery from being drained completely. 

Reliable performance is guaranteed thanks to its ability to freeze or refrigerate even during high ambient temperatures. 

Features and Specs summary:

  • Ultra-compact compressor
  • cooler Voltage: 12/24 Volts DC
  • Capacity 18 litres
  • Excellent refrigeration and freezing whatever the ambient temperature
  • Temperature adjustable from + 10 ° C to -18 ° C via slider
  • LED interior lighting
  • Robust carrying handle
  • Low voltage safety to protect the batteries
  • Season: Four Seasons
  • Dimensions: 46.5 x 30 x 41.4 cm
  • Weight: 12 kg

Click here for more reviews and pricing of the Dometic Waeco CF-18 Fridge Freezer

Other factors to consider when buying a camping fridge freezer 

What size camping fridge do i need for Australia conditions?

It is important to remember that energy consumption increases in proportion to the size of the space to be refrigerated. Also, the very best dual camping fridge freezers are much heavier and bulkier than a compact 20 litre car fridge.  

On the other hand, a family of 5 on holiday at a campsite would be poorly equipped with an extremely compact model. They would have to choose a model from 40 litres, or even more. Taking this into account, the portable camping fridge of your choice should “fit like a glove”. It should be the right size and fit your plans, the number of your travelling companions, and, of course, the space available.

Generally, it is important to have a good idea of ​​the capacity of each size of the portable fridge to know which one will suit you best. One of the best ways to do this is to measure the number of cans a camping fridge can hold. This instantly gives you a better visual representation.

In practice, this gives:

  • 25L and less – 27 cans
  • 35L – 47 cans
  • 42L – 62 cans
  • 60 – 65L – 105 cans
  • 80L – 120 cans

A smaller model is perfect for short solo trips – or even for two people. But if you are going as a couple for more than a full day, we highly recommend the 35L model.

The 42L model is considered the most “standard” size fridge, offering decent capacity without taking up too much space. Ideal for long weekends up to three people.

But if you are planning long trips or events (sports games, parties, etc.) it is better to opt for a larger model.

The noise level of camping fridges

The noise emission of a refrigeration appliance is of little importance during a car journey. It is quite different during camping when you are in the same room/tent as the device, or even when you have to sleep nearby. 

If like most campers, you want to install your portable camping fridge in the awning, an absorption cooler is the best fit. This refrigeration technique is distinguished by a completely silent operation. If you do not mind the occasional start-up of a compressor, the noise emission level of a compressor cooler should also be fine.

What are your expectations in terms of refrigeration capacity?

Do you mainly do daily commutes and want to keep fruit and drinks in your portable mini fridge? Or maybe you are on holiday for several weeks and want to take some frozen food? While a cheap thermoelectric cooler would suffice at first, a compression cooler would be essential in the second scenario above. 

Refrigeration technology:

  • Absorption coolers: Refrigeration dependent on ambient temperature
  • Thermoelectric coolers: Refrigeration dependent on ambient temperature
  • Compression refrigerators: Refrigeration and freezing from + 10 ° C to –22 ° C (CFX)

What is the destination of my trip?

The cooling performance of thermoelectric and absorption coolers depends on the ambient temperature. The compressor portable coolers, however, work regardless of outdoor temperatures and can even freeze. 

In areas where the temperature can reach 40°C or even higher, thermoelectric fridges do not provide sufficient refrigeration power. An absorption cooler, depending on its location, would possibly be more suitable. A compressor cooler is the most suitable device if you want to rely on efficient refrigeration when travelling to areas with particularly high temperatures.

Camping Fridges

Summary of the best camping fridge Australia 2023

The next time you think about going on a long trip or a short holiday, consider buying the perfect portable refrigerator. They are compact, keep food hot or cold and save money rather that eating in restaurants and buying food and drinks at roadhouses and small remote stores. Taking a mini portable fridge with you on a picnic will help keep your food and drink in top condition so your family can enjoy the day together.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best camping fridges. If you are planning a camping getaway you may also be interested in our guide for choosing the right sleeping bag. We also have guides on where to find the best camping grounds in Queensland and popular camping sites in New South Wales.

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