far-right are seeding, amplifying activity

‘This week represents a swing of 98% of the population towards an openly Nazi position,’ one extremist said after an event was cancelled.

An example of a far-right smear against drag performers
An example of a far-right smear against drag performers (Image: Supplied)

On the day of a drag storytime show hosted by the City of Perth Library earlier this month, 6PR Mornings host Gary Adshead took calls from listeners about the event.

He welcomed a caller “Dennis” who said it was “complete child exploitation”. He breathlessly ranted down the phone: “The fact that there’s even an argument that something like this has any validity shows just how far as a society we’ve gone. These people are child groomers.”

The caller was Dennis Huts, a well-known former member of the far-right extremist group United Patriots Front. He went on to gleefully share a clip of the interview on his Telegram event, and was later captured repeatedly making a Nazi salute at a protest against the drag storytime show later that day.

Read more about how the message is seeded and spread.

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