Enjoy Sydney On A Scenic Helicopter Flight Tour

If you plan to explore Sydney on a solo trip, one of the fun things you can do is see it from the air. A scenic helicopter flight is a thrilling experience. It’s from above Sydney, up in the sky, that you can best admire Sydney’s spectacular beauty and its majestic Harbour. If you travel solo in Australia and want to join a helicopter flight by yourself, you will need to be paired with someone else to be able to join a helicopter flight. Here below is my  Sydney Harbour helicopter flight experience.

Ready to go! My Experience on a Sydney Helicopter Flight

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My Sydney Helicopter Flight Experience

On a Saturday morning, my helicopter flight over Sydney Harbour was scheduled for 10.00 am. You can only fly by clear sky. And we had a beautiful sunny morning and the perfect weather conditions to enjoy the view of Sydney from the air. We left from Mascot Airport in Sydney, close to the domestic flight airport. This is the place where most helicopter flights start.

One view from the helicopter of Sydney Skyline on the Horizon

The flight ride was smooth, and that surprised me. I imagined the wind would bump the ride; instead, it was a smooth flight. It was as comfortable as sitting on a sofa. I fear heights but was lucky that day; I felt safe and comfortable on board the helicopter.

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Sydney and Sydney Harbour from the air: what you see from the air

To see Sydney and Sydney Harbour’s beauty from the air perspective is stunning. You cannot realize the harbour’s shape and beauty until you have seen it from the air. A helicopter flight is the best way to experience it and thoroughly enjoy this natural iconic landmark’s greatness. And the images below speak for themselves.

The helicopter takes you a few minutes over Sydney Harbour, where you can see little and numerous bays and inlets that you will not be able to see from the ground.

Moreover, you can view the massive cliff walls just past Bondi beach and see how close houses are to the cliff, which is terrific. The day’s highlight was the natural waterfall formed by the abundant rains within these coastal cliffs. Not many people know about it, nor have they had the chance to see it live from the air.

The Lighthouse with rugged cliffs of the Bondi Beach

One of the most exciting parts of the scenic flight is when the helicopter gets close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Due to the wind direction, we could not get much closer as they usually do. They fly over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The wind dictates the tempo and the helicopter movements.

Air traffic that morning was heavy over Sydney, and we could not get the “green light” to fly any closer. I could take photos from the air with the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge beyond in the background.

A Sydney Harbour View From The Helicopter

Is a scenic Sydney helicopter flight worth the money?

I was thrilled to have this experience and see Sydney from above. Flying alone is not inexpensive, and you will have a companion to fly with, or they can also pair with someone alone so that you split the price. You may find a deal for a shared scenic flight if you check out online. You may be able to find coupons and discounts on certain days at a specific time of the day too.

What does it cost to see Sydney on a scenic flight?

The average price for a scenic helicopter tour over Sydney is about 300-400 Australian dollars per person, with a minimum of 2 people. So if you are alone, find someone to book the flight with. The breathtaking views from the air of the rugged coastline between Bondi and Manly and the scenic air view of the Sydney Bridge and Sydney Harbour with Sydney Bridge are unparalleled.

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The breathtaking Helicopter View of Bondi Beach

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