Mood sinks at the ABC as Stan Grant exits after racist abuse

The Q+A presenter announced his departure from the ABC in a fiery column on the broadcaster’s website on Friday.

Stan Grant (Image: AAP/ Dominic Lorrimer)
Stan Grant (Image: AAP/ Dominic Lorrimer)

ABC boss David Anderson has apologised to Q+A host Stan Grant, who announced his departure from the broadcaster on Friday after a sustained campaign of abuse mounted against him over his commentary during the ABC’s coverage of the coronation of King Charles III.

In an email to staff late Sunday afternoon, Anderson maintained that Grant has “always had” the “full support” of leadership at the ABC, even as executives remained silent on the racist abuse levelled at him.

“Stan Grant has stated that he has not felt publicly supported. For this, I apologise to Stan. The ABC endeavours to support its staff in the unfortunate moments when there is external abuse directed at them,” Anderson wrote.

Read more about what caused Stan Grant to write his aggrieved piece on the ABC website.

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