Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui Thailand

Today’s hectic pace can leave you feeling like you are running on a never-ending treadmill with little time to look after your body, soul, and health. Eventually this lifestyle can impact on your general wellbeing and mindset. A visit to Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui Thailand will help you rediscover your inner vitality as you Reconnect, Recharge, Revitalize & Re-Energize.

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui
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About Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui Thailand

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui is an award-winning fitness and wellness resort that sits on the picturesque island of Koh Samui in Thailand.

The wellness resort is a short five-minute drive from Samui International Airport and close to Choengmon and Chaweng Beaches which can be reached by taking the resorts shuttle bus.

This majestic fitness resort features thirty-eight Mediterranean themed rooms and suites which stretch across five buildings.

Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui exterior
Exterior of Absolute Sanctuary rooms

Visiting the Wellness Resort

When we were invited to Absolute Sanctuary wellness resort Thailand, we were both excited and a little daunted. At first glance, we wondered if we would fit in at a wellness retreat in Asia. After all, you often see brochures showing a bevy of fit young beauties, and we certainly weren’t young or fit.

What we discovered was that wellness comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages, and it is never too late to turn your life around.

After staying at Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui, we have come away with a new understanding of diet, exercise, and mental well-being.

Rooms at Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui

Upon arrival we were taken to the room which would be our home for the next few nights. Our room was bright and airy with a décor inspired by the colours of the sea. Throughout were personal touches which made the room feel warm and welcoming.

The bedroom featured a generous king-size bed which was a dream to sleep in. We woke each morning feeling refreshed and ready to greet a brand-new day.

A wide TV cabinet separated the bedroom from a spacious raised sitting area. Large windows allowed plenty of sunlight and views of lush tropical greenery.

The stylish bathroom featured the choice of shower and bathtub. The deep free-standing bath was perfect for soaking in and overlooked peaceful garden views.

The room is also equipped with herbal tea making facilities, a small fridge, safe, robes and slippers. Outside is a covered sun porch, a fabulous place to enjoy a Koh Samui sunset.

Room at Absolute Sanctuary
Our room at Absolute Sanctuary

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui Wellness Cuisine

Wellness begins with what you put in your body and there is no better way to begin your journey to good health than by eating the tasty cuisine of the Love Kitchen at Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui.

Not only are the meals healthy and full of flavour but there is also a fabulous selection of Thai and International dishes. This elegantly presented cuisine is full of wholesome goodness and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that healthy eating can also be deliciously satisfying.

Dining rooms at Absolute Sanctuary Thailand
The Love Kitchen restaurant

The Love Kitchen uses a select mix of fresh local produce and imported ingredients which are high in taste and feature the following nutritional values:

  • Natural & organic ingredients
  • Low in calories & high in nutrients
  • Enriched with superfoods & wholefoods
  • Free of refined sugar & chemical additives
  • Free of trans fat

During our visit, each meal began with a menu choice of two wellness dishes and beverage which can include freshly made fruit juice or smoothie. Our wellness package also included two fruit juices or smoothies per day.

There were so many tasty meals to choose from, but firm favourites were the Japanese Wakame Omelette for breakfast, Choengmon Burrito for lunch and Chicken in Mango Sauce and Carrot Cake for dinner.

A special thank you to Lek and Natty, for serving The Love Kitchen’s delicious array of dishes with a smile. In keeping with the holistic approach to wellness, Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui is alcohol free.

Wellness cuisine at the resort
Our favourite wellness cuisine dishes

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui Wellness Programs

Absolute Sanctuary Samui has a fabulous selection of wellness programs which cover a range of individual preferences. You may choose to pamper and de-stress, change your life with a weight management program or detox and regain fitness, the choice is yours.

You will find twenty-two programs to choose from with the most popular being the following:

  • Spa
  • Rest & Rebalance
  • Detox
  • Weight Management
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Pilates Reformer Bootcamp
  • Mindfulness

Each package begins with an in-depth wellness consultation with bio impedance analysis. During our visit Alan selected the 5-Day Rest & Rebalance Package while I chose to take the 5-day Revival Spa Program Package.

Initial Wellness Consultation

Our first morning at the Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui began when we checked into the Wellness Centre for our initial wellness consultation with bio impedance reading.

We aren’t the fittest people on the planet, so we were a little apprehensive about this part of our stay. We needn’t have worried, talking with Stephanie our Wellness Consultant & Therapist was easy and natural.

After our talk we came away with many positives and we were given strategies for better health. We were extremely grateful for the chance to talk to Stephanie during our stay.  

Wellness centre at Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui
Wellness Centre

5-day Revival Spa Program Package

This five-day package offers a broad selection of spa treatments. Included is a vibrant day facial treatment, vibrant body wrap and renewing body scrub. There is also a variety of massages and wellness treatments, Pilates, and yoga classes so it is a great mixture of pampering and fitness.

The package also includes your choice of accommodation and airport transfers, three wellness meals and two fresh juices or smoothies per day.

Along with the massages and treatments the package allows access to the pool steam room, fitness studio and has unlimited access to group Pilates reformer/core suspend class, group yoga, meditation, and fitness classes.


During our stay both Alan and I had a choice of three 60-minute massages, the Deep Calm massage, Fit Body Massage or Absolute Thai Stretch Massage.

Both of us decided on the Deep Calm Massage and Absolute Thai Massage with Herbal Heat Compress.

Spa reception an Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui
Spa reception

Deep Calm Body Massage

The Deep Calm Body Massage was a 60-minute oil massage of the body. This massage targets the meridian energy system and unblocks trapped energy that can manifest in physical and emotional pain.   

The massage was incredible, and I was in a state of constant bliss. Da massaged the knots in my back and when she touched the pressure points on my head, it felt like a flock of stress demons being released into the ether.

I hadn’t realised how tense I had been feeling and after the massage I felt calm and relaxed, something I hadn’t felt in years.

Absolute Thai Stretch Massage & Herbal Heat Compress

This 90-minute extravaganza combines an Absolute Thai Stretch Massage and Herbal Heat Compress. This intense full body massage realigned my body and took away the tiny niggles of pain that I have grown to live with.

Maew’s expert hands honed into my problem areas and began stretching, massaging, and applying the herbal heat compresses. After the massage I felt like a new woman, pain free and with a spring in my step.

Consulting rooms at the resort
Spa treatment areas

Absolute Foot Sanctuary

Both Alan and I enjoyed the Absolute Foot Sanctuary, a 60-minute massage treatment that focuses on the feet and legs. The Absolute Foot Sanctuary uses reflexology pressure points to stimulate healing and rejuvenate energy flow.

This massage was so relaxing that I was struggling to stay awake. After the massage I was full of energy and more than ready to begin the afternoon activities.

Absolute Upper Body Flow & Head Massage

The Absolute Upper Body Flow & Head Massage is a 45-minute massage treatment which focuses on the upper body and head. This massage releases tension by massaging pressure points along the body’s chakras.

I was in heaven as the kinks in my neck, shoulders, back and head miraculously disappeared, and I was left with a feeling of inner peace and wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage

I do not think there is anything more calming than having someone touch your head. The Indian Head Massage pays special attention to your scalp and uses pressure points across the head to relieve tension and stress.

After my 60-minute Indian Head Massage my mind was clear, and body filled with harmony.

Other Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui Treatments

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui has an extensive range of treatments including detox, aroma therapy and lymphatic drainage treatments.

These are the treatments I received with my Revival Spa Program. Absolute Sanctuary uses the Ytsara brand of products for there facials and body therapies.

Facial Yoga Treatment

Along with my Absolute Upper Body Flow & Head Massage I received a 45-minute Facial Yoga Treatment.

This treatment is a deep sculpting youth booster massage which uses sacred lotus to reduce the effects of aging and marine extracts to increase the skins inner hydration.

My skin soaked up the moisture as my face was massaged and lifted in swirling motions. The Facial Yoga Treatment left my skin feeling youthful and glowing, with many of my fine lines disappearing completely.

Vibrant Day Facial Treatment

I relaxed with a 60-minute Vibrant Day Facial which is similar to the Facial Yoga Treatment. The facial is both revitalising and calming as it uses sacred lotus to prevent cell damage, marine plankton extract for enriched hydration and hyaluronic acid for plumping the skin.

Renewing Body Scrub & Vibrant Body Wrap

Next was the combined 45-minute Renewing Body Scrub and 45-minute Vibrant Body Wrap. I was looking forward to the Renewing Body Scrub as I felt that my body was long overdue for exfoliation.

Using a series of lotions my skin became supple and ready to be scrubbed from head to foot. After the body scrub it was time for the body wrap. Once wrapped I was left in the darkened room for 15-minutes. The soothing music allowed me to disconnect from the world and I gave in to total relaxation.  

5-Day Rest & Rebalance Package

Highlights of the Rest and Rebalance Package include life balance coaching and stress management sessions, a variety of massages and treatments, private Pilates, and yoga classes.

The package also includes your choice of accommodation and airport transfers, an arrival day welcome dinner, three wellness meals and two fresh juices or smoothies per day.

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui juice bar
The Vitamin Bar for poolside juices & smoothies

Along with the massages and treatments the package also allows access to the pool steam room & fitness studio and has unlimited access to group Pilates reformer/core suspend class and the group yoga, meditation, and fitness classes.

Alan’s package also included the Absolute Foot Sanctuary, Deep Calm Foot Soak, Upper Body Massage, Deep Calm Massage and Absolute Thai Stretch Massage with Herbal Heat Compress which I have spoken about above.

Swimming pool at Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui Thailand
Absolute Sanctuary pool

Stress Management & Life Balance Coaching Sessions

Alan participated in both the Stress Management and Life Balance Coaching sessions during his stay. He considers these hour-long sessions with Stephanie to be one of the greatest take aways from his time at Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui.

Stephanie created a safe space to discuss personal issues. It was refreshing to talk to someone without judgement and this has allowed Alan to put his life into a greater perspective.

Reiki Session

Alan enjoyed a 60-minute Reiki Session, a Japanese form of energy healing. During the session Uschi guided vital energy through Alan’s body with a gentle touch of the hand to promote balance and healing. After the session Alan felt refreshed and revitalised, a relaxing start to a brand-new day.

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui Pilates & Yoga Classes

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui holds daily meditation and yoga classes in an airy Yoga Shala which is a short walk down the drive from the main resort complex. There are foundation Pilates classes for beginners and group Pilates reformer sessions for those who are more experienced.  

Before coming to Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui, we had never taken a Pilates or yoga class and although only beginners we enjoyed our classes immensely.

Pilates reformer room
Pilates room

Private Yoga Class

During our stay Alan enjoyed a 60-minute Private Yoga session with the lovely Jana. Here Alan learnt basic yoga and meditation techniques along with a series of relaxation and breathing exercises which aid in lowering blood pressure.

Foundation Pilates and Group Pilates Reformer Classes

Both Alan and I had a 30-minute foundation Pilates class with Kevin. This class was crucial as it taught us how to use the reformer Pilates machines which we were going to be using in our 30-minute group Pilates reformer class.

At first, we were a little daunted by our first ever Pilates class, but we kept up with the class for most of the exercises. Our fellow group members were helpful and encouraging and it wasn’t long before we were having fun.  

Alan with teacher at Yoga class
Alan and Jana after yoga

Private Pilates Session

After our Pilates classes we had a 60-minute Private Pilates session with Kevin. Here we were taught massage techniques and a range of stretching exercises. Kevin explained each exercise in detail and what benefits they give to our bodies.

As we repeated each exercise, we realised that we could perform these stretches anywhere and at any time. We are extremely grateful to Kevin for teaching us these techniques as they will be invaluable in gaining strength in our often-nomadic lifestyle.

Our Pilates instructor
Kevin, Alan & Ros after Pilates

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Free Shuttle Bus Activities from Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a beautiful island and one of the ways to discover it is to take the resorts free shuttle bus. The Absolute Sanctuary shuttle bus will have you enjoying the white sands and bright blue waters of Choengmon and Chaweng Beaches.

Take in a little local culture by spending the evening exploring the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street Market.  

Rosalind at Koh Samui beach
Ros visiting Chaweng Beach

Last words on Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui Thailand

During our time at Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui we met many people who were making return visits or enjoying long stays. Everyone we spoke to talked about how great they felt and that coming to the resort revived them for the coming year.

After our visit we totally agree and can guarantee that a stay at Absolute Sanctuary health retreat Thailand will leave you feeling Reconnected, Recharged, Revitalized & Re-Energized.

We left Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui, feeling fabulous after our stay and it was more than we ever imagined. We can highly recommend Absolute Sanctuary to anyone thinking of a wellness holiday. It is the place to unlock the inner you, the foundation of health and happiness.

Contact Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui
Website: www.absolutesanctuary.com
Address: 88 Moo 5 Tambol Bophut, Amphur Koh Samui Surat Thani 84320 Thailand
Phone: +66 7760 1190


Disclosure: We were guests of Absolute Sanctuary and received a hosted wellness stay. All opinions are our own.

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