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The most popular family-run tourist destination in Australia is Scenic World. It is one of the Blue Mountains’ most well-liked tourist attractions. We’ll discuss Scenic World in this section to understand more.

Scenic World is located in the Greater Blue Mountains, Australia. Only a few hours away from Sydney, the Scenic World is a must-visit if you love nature and adventure. A variety of activities, including the World’s steepest train, will appeal to your daring side at the Scenic World.

History of Scenic World

Scenic World, located in the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains, was formerly the “Katoomba Coal Mine,” which was registered by John Britty North in 1872. However, Mr Harry Hammon owned the place and transformed the site into a tourist destination once the coal mine was closed in 1945. The Blue Mountains Scenic Railway was the first attraction to open in 1945. The Scenic Skyway was eventually completed (in 1958). The nest was the constriction of the Scenic Cableway, an 84-passenger cable vehicle, in 2000. Today, the Scenic Railway and the Blue Mountains Cable Car (Scenic Skyway) are two of Scenic World’s most popular attractions.


Here is a list of rides you can enjoy at this theme park.

Scenic Railway

The Scenic World houses the world’s steepest railway. Here you can experience the excitement of riding a train with the highest slope of 52 degrees (128%). Passengers on this train can change their sitting posture by 20 degrees (maximum). There are three options: the CLIFFHANGER, which has a high 64° slope, the LAIDBACK, which has a more comfortable slope; and the ORIGINAL, which has a 52° incline.

Scenic World Blue Mountains
52-degree railway

Scenic Walkway

Not a fan of steep inclinations? Not to worry, as you can enjoy the Scenic Walkway. It is situated between the Railway and Cableway stations. While wandering (2.4km) beneath the canopy of the temperate forest, take in the peace of nature. You can complete this 500 m-high walkway in 15 to 20 minutes. Take a minute to relax on a seat along the path or in the Rainforest Room’s outdoor space while you head on this walkway.

Scenic Cableway

The Scenic Cableway is another key attraction in Scenic World. The Scenic Cableway is an excellent way for visitors to take in the breathtaking vistas of the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. The cable car’s completely covered cabin lets you get a complete view of the Three Sisters rock formation, Orphan Rock, Mt Solitary, and Katoomba Falls. Wheelchair accessibility is available on this 84-person cable vehicle. And did we mention that the Scenic Cableway is the largest and steepest aerial cable vehicle in the Southern Hemisphere?

Scenic Skyway/ Skyway Cablecar

Another cable car in Scenic World is the Scenic Skyway which is also popular as the Blue Mountains Cable Car. 270 meters above the valley floor, it soars between clifftops. If you wish to take in the gorgeous ravines beneath your feet via the electro-glass cabin floor, this ride in Scenic World is a must-experience. However, seating and solid flooring are available if you have an adventurous spirit. The Scenic Skyway gives you the best views of Jamison Valley, the Three Sisters, and Katoomba Falls.

Location/ Address:

1 Violet Street Katoomba NSW 2780 Australia

Starting from $49.90 (per adult)


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