One Nation sets up ‘local action groups’, vigilante mob-leader event

Malcolm Roberts is headlining an event called ‘Let’s tackle the crime wave together’ with a former head of a white-nationalist ‘patriots’ group.

An Instagram post by vigilante mob leader Torin O'Brien for an event with One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts
An Instagram post by vigilante mob leader Torin O’Brien for an event with One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts (Image: Instagram/@torin_the_taipan)

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is setting up “local action groups” across Queensland as the party champions a former candidate and member of a white nationalist group who led a Rockhampton vigilante mob.

Last week, One Nation national secretary Damian Huxham introduced the party’s followers to the local action groups in an email with the subject line “CRIME: What challenges are you facing in your community?”

Huxham wrote that the groups would “help us act on important actions in each community”.

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