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Jenolan Caves are the most stunning and famous tourist site among the caves in the Blue Mountains. Furthermore, they are Australia’s biggest limestone caverns.


The Tharawal term Genowlan, which means “high spot shaped like a foot,” is said to have been the source of the name Jenolan, an indigenous word for “high place.” For thousands of years, native peoples of the area have incorporated this location into their cultures. According to reports, Charles Whalan was the first to visit these caverns in the 1940s. That said, the name Jenolan Caves was coined in 1884.


It is among the Blue Mountains’ most significant attractions. In addition to having top-notch cave excursions, it also boasts a large limestone reserve. The largest limestone cave in Australia is Jenolan Caves. The caves are one of eight protected sites (listed in 2000) within the Greater Blue Mountains Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Things to do:

The Jenolan Caves are located in the west Blue Mountains region and span over 2416 hectares. In addition to taking in the breathtaking caves, you can also trek, stopping at peaceful locations and taking in the colourful birds and natural surroundings. And yes, guided tours are available to some caves of the Jenolan Caves. You would need to book your trip in advance.

Jenolan Caves – available cave tours:

  • Lucas
  • River
  • Chifley
  • Imperial
  • Orient
  • Ribbon
  • Jubilee
  • Pool of Cerberus
  • Nettle Cave
  • Temple of Baal
  • Fossil Hunters
  • Plughole
  • Elder Cave
  • Aladin Cave
  • Arch Cave
  • The Grand Arch

Note: Some of these caves are inaccessible. For additional information, kindly visit the official website. Some caverns also provide self-guided excursions.

Jenolan Caves day tours

Location/ Address:

4655 Jenolan Caves Rd, Jenolan NSW 2790

Jenolan Caves Ticket Price:

Starting from $55 for a single adult (Pre-booking is a must).


A guided tour is the ideal way to explore and appreciate the rich history of Jenolan Caves near Blue Mountain. And to book the best tour, contact Blue Mountains Tours from Sydney today!

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