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On your next Perth getaway, why not get out into nature and enjoy some of the best hikes in Perth through one of the pristine national parks? Perth has no shortage of scenic countryside, breathtaking views and rugged natural landscapes to explore.

Read on for the top 5 best hikes in Perth. This article will outline the location of the best walks in Perth, how much experience you need to tackle the best hiking trails Perth has to offer, what you’ll need to bring on your Perth hike and all the information you’ll need to safely enjoy the best walking trails Perth has to offer.

Best hikes in Perth
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Why go hiking in Perth?

Perth is a biodiversity hotspot. The World Wildlife Fund even suggests Perth may be the wildlife capital of the world! A hike through Perth’s natural landscapes will give you a chance to glimpse its 2000 native plant species and 156 varieties of native birds.

Western Australia also plays host to a spectacular wildflower display each and every spring. Parks and hiking trails around the city explode with colour as the wildflowers bloom between September and November. Visitors will get the chance to spot kangaroo paw, willow-leafed wattles, scarlett banksias, scented sun orchids and orange star flowers among many, many more.

North Face

Best time to take hikes in Perth

The best time to go hiking in Perth will depend on what you want to see. Visitors interested in wildflower spotting should hike between September and November. As it’s warming up in Spring, morning hikes are best to avoid the heat of the middle of the day.

If you’re heading on a waterfall hike or visiting the rapids, winter is your best bet. During the rainy season, water begins to flow and waterfalls will be at their most impressive. However, during the rainy season be prepared with a poncho, and water-resistant shoes, and keep an eye on the weather.


With long, bright days, summer is another top pick for hiking in WA, but keep in mind that on average, Perth’s summer temperatures peak at around 35 degrees in the middle of the day, so it’s best to head out in the early morning or catch the sunset in the late afternoon.

The Top 5 Best hikes in Perth

Perth has plenty of spectacular bush walks, there’s something for each type of hiker – from gorgeous flowing waterfalls to chilled river walks to scenic lookout points. Here you’ll find all the information on the best hikes Perth has to offer – where to go, which trails to tackle, park fees and the best time to visit.

1.    Eagle View Walk Trail in John Forrest National Park

Located 40 minutes from Perth, John Forrest is Western Australia’s oldest National Park, originally declared a conservation reserve in 1898. The park is full of history, in the early 1900’s visitors packed a picnic and caught the train from Perth to Hovea Falls to enjoy a day out in the bush. Today John Forrest is still a popular weekend destination for locals who partake in hiking, horseriding and mountain biking in the area.

There are four designated hiking trails in John Forrest National Park that range from the 2.2km Glen Brook Trail up to the more challenging 15km Eagle View Walk. The Eagle View Walk Trail is a hiker’s delight as it takes the bushwalker through a variety of different landscapes, including picturesque waterfalls, and offers some spectacular views over the Swan Coastal Plains as well as the ocean and CBD in the distance.

The Eagle View walk trail is a loop that begins near the park’s car park. It’s a moderate-difficulty trail as there are some loose and steep sections. The trail will normally take around 4 hours to complete.


The best time to visit John Forrest National Park is in spring during wildflower season. The hills come alive in every colour of the rainbow as thousands of wildflower species bloom.

Entry to John Forrest National Park is $15 per vehicle and there are no pets allowed. 

2.    Bells Rapids

Bells Rapids is located 45 minutes from Perth and is a popular spot for people wanting to escape the city and get out and about in nature and enjoy a picnic. As the name suggests, it’s a series of rapidly flowing streams and waterfalls that form part of the Avon River.

Bells Rapids is one of the best hikes in Perth

The Bells Rapids Walk Trails consist of the River Walk and Goat walk that combine to form a 5.5km loop and it’s one of the best dog friendly hikes Perth has to offer. The walk is relatively easy but there are some steep sections and areas with loose ground. Walkers can enjoy hiking along the riverbank and can take in the sweeping views of the Swan Coastal Plains from the lookout point.

Visitors may be lucky enough to spot the local resident western grey kangaroos, bats, black cockatoos, frogs, or bandicoots as well as many species of local flora that includes flooded gums, acacias, paperbark and grass trees.

Bells Rapids is best explored in winter and spring when the rapids are flowing. During springtime, the park comes alive in colour as the wildflowers bloom.

There are no fees to enter Bells Rapids and it’s a dog-friendly area.


3.    Lesmurdie Falls

Situated within Mundy Regional Park in the Perth Hills, Lesmurdie Falls is one of Perth’s most Spectacular waterfalls. It’s located a short 30-minute drive from the CBD and its proximity to the city makes it a popular weekend destination for locals.

 Lesmurdie Falls a popular hike in Perth

There are five hiking trails at Lesmurdie Falls that range from a leisurely 640m Falls Trail to the 3km Valley Loop Trail. The Valley Loop trail is the best as it offers walkers the chance to take in the spectacular waterfall as well as sweeping views over the Swan Coastal Plain that meets the CBD skyline in the distance.

Lesmurdie falls is the perfect spot to enjoy a stunning sunset over the city or find a spot for a picnic in the cool shady area at the foot of the falls.


The best time to visit Lesmurdie falls is in spring when the water is flowing and the spectacular wildflowers blanket the hillside.

There are no fees to enter Lesmurdie Falls and it’s a dog-friendly area.

4.    Echidna Trail in Walyunga National Park

Walyunga National Park, nestled in the Perth Hills, just 45 minutes from the CBD is one of Perth’s hidden gems. The Avon River, which flows through the park is a popular spot for canoeing and kayaking, hiking, fishing and camping.

There are four hiking trails in Walyunga National Park that range from the 4km Kangaroo Trail to the 11km Echidna Trail. The Echidna Trail shows off the best the national park has to offer.

Walyunga National Park

The Echidna Trail is a loop that can either be completed in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The anticlockwise direction is more challenging and starts with a lovely walk along the Avon River before a sharp, steep and challenging ascent. However, hikers are quickly rewarded with spectacular views of the Avon Valley. The rest of the walk is quite easy and passes through a variety of scenic landscapes.

Hikers may be lucky enough to spot the grey kangaroos, wallabies echidnas, galahs or goannas that call the park home. The park is also home to large flooded gums, jarrah trees, grevilleas and orchids.


The best time to visit Walyunga National Park is in winter when the river is flowing quickly or in wildflower season during spring – it’s one of the best places in Perth for Wildflower spotting. 

Entry to Walyunga National Park is $15 per vehicle and there are no pets allowed. 

5.    Kitty’s Gorge

Kitty’s Gorge is a popular hiking trail located within Serpentine National Park in Jarrahdale, around 55 minutes from the Perth CBD.

Kitty’s Gorge walk trail is a 14km return hike so bushwalkers will need to set aside a few hours to tackle this one. Hikers will be lucky enough to pass through landscapes that include waterfalls, granite outcrops, dense bushland and riverbanks.

Kitty’s Gorge stream

Some sections can be narrow, loose and steep so hikers will need a moderate level of fitness to complete the Kitty’s Gorge trail. The hike can be started at either end but is conveniently accessed by parking across from the cemetery on Atkins Road.

Kitty’s Gorge Trail is a popular hike to take all year round, but water will be flowing more during winter and wildflowers will be in bloom in spring.

If the hike is started at the Serpentine National Park end entry is $15 per vehicle. There are no pets allowed in Serpentine National Park.


Perth Hiking Safety Checklist

As with any hike, it’s important to be prepared. Follow this hike safety checklist to make sure you’re ready to head out on that Perth bushwalk:

  • Check the park website for any safety warnings
  • Check the weather before you go
  • Tell someone where you’re going and when you’re expected home
  • Don’t venture off marked trails and follow trail signage
  • Ensure you’re being sun smart – wear a hat, polarised sunglasses, long sleeved shirt and slap on the sunscreen
  • Bring plenty of water – depending on the temperature around 500mL per hour of hiking
  • Remember to drink water even if it’s not hot
  • Bring a first-aid kit
  • Wear appropriate hiking clothes and footwear
  • Bring snacks like protein bars

Last Words on Top 5 Best Hikes in Perth

Perth has no shortage of spectacular landscapes just waiting to be explored! From picturesque waterfalls to relaxed river walks to beautifully elevated lookouts, there’s something in Perth for every bushwalker to enjoy.

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